• Merlin’s Magic Wand, Jun 17th 2016
  • Magic Wand with energy waves, waiting for stones
  • We are proud and happy to announce the first accessory product for the Kymera Magic Wand.
  • WHAT IF YOU HAD a magic wand? What if it worked? What would you do with it?

Magic Wand with Free Premium Wand Essentials Speed Controller'

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Changing the batteries in your device is easy. Simply remove the H-beam, then gently lift the keyboard or trackpad out of MagicWand to access the battery bay. Once the batteries are installed, snap your keyboard or trackpad into MagicWand, install the H-beam and you’re ready to go.

The lightning speed with which the Army under General Buratai is routing cattle rustlers is a clear indication that it is a matter of time before this level of threat is neutralized like he did with Boko Haram and the troops would be available to focus on other security breaches that are in need of his magic wand.


The Magic Wand Tool allows areas of similar color to be selected

Note: The included charger for the Magic Wand Rechargeable is compatible with 100-240V, 50/60Hz circuitry. It comes with the Northern American two prong style plug, and with the use of the adapters for a different region the unit should charge and operate correctly in other regions.