• Liquid Chlorine
  • Liquid chlorine inside an open glass vial
  • Below, one may see pictures of a small amount of liquid chlorine contained within a glass vial.
  • Read the labels, know what you’re buying. Liquid chlorine strengths vary.

In The Swim Instant Liquid Chlorine for Swimming Pools - 4 x 1.07 Pound Bottles

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Liquid chlorine requires no pre-dissolving, has no residue and requires daily application. Dosage 500ml per 10 000 litres of water, if stabilised requires 250ml per 10 000 litres of water.

The periodic table contains eleven elements which are in the gas phaseunder ,namely hydrogen,nitrogen, oxygen, fluorine, chlorine, and the six . Of these elements, chlorinehas the highest of -34.0 °C (239.1 K, -29.3 °F). Although this may seem exceedingly cold compared with a comfortableroom temperature, it is easily achievable in a laboratory (or home)setting with a few common supplies. Additionally, in some of thecoldest regions on Earth (such as ),the outside temperature regularlydrops below chlorine's boiling point. It is therefore relativelyeasy to prepare liquid chlorine as is demonstrated below.

Michael Faraday was a brilliant scientist who made numerous importantcontributions to the fields of physics and chemistry. One of themany things he is remembered for is being the first person to liquefychlorine gas. In 1823 Faraday discovered that putting chlorineunder pressure and cooling it in an ice bath caused the gas to condenseinto a yellow liquid.

Pressurizing chlorine requires a pump immune to the highly corrosivenature of the gas. Additionally, putting chlorine gas underpressure creates the risk of springing a leak in, or possibly acatastrophic failure of, the containment vessel, thereby allowingchlorine to escape into the surroundings where other people orequipment may be located. For these and other reasons it is muchmore desirable to approach the task of liquefying chlorine gas, on thesmall scale, using an alternative method than that employed by MichaelFaraday, one which was not available in 1823.


Liquid chlorination - North Central Texas Water Quality

Case of 4 individual gallons of liquid chlorine. A $6.00 refundable deposit is included in the price for this product. Price after return is $12.95 per case. Delivery and empty case pickup only in Eastvale, Norco, and Corona.. Liquid chlorine is good for regular chlorination to kill germs in pools--but it takes time to work. Therefore, it’s important to make sure chlorine levels are always at the levels recommended by the health department (usually between 1.0 - 3.0 ppm). Also available in solid 3" tablets. Store in a dry cool area away from sunlight. All sorts of things can reduce chlorine levels in pool water. Some examples are sunlight, dirt, debris, and material from swimmers' bodies. That’s why chlorine levels must be routinely measured.