• Blond Brilliance Lilac Toner:
  • T207 Extra strength lilac toner 500mlNeutralising unwanted Brassy colors like orange or yellow shades after bleaching or tints.
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Perfect Blond Ammonia Free Toner Lilac

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So I've been morbidly curious about these colored toners for months! There's also a pinky one. They're at Sally's in the Blond (e left off intentionally) Brilliance line. So I went ahead and tried the lilac. It gave me a nice solid silver that looked in certain lights. That's a weird fluorescent bulb temporarily in my bathroom. It was nice and I'd recommend it for a silvery . But I liked my more Lilac shade so I put a very dilute blend from my timeline over it (MP , ion lavender, silver). I used 10 vol with this BB lilac toner and coco-oiled beforehand. I know the difference is subtle... But I can surely tell.

On prebleached hair Sallys ion color brilliance in lavender 1/2 and 1/2 with conditioner for an hour in my bangs and blonde brilliance lilac toner with 10 vol for 15 min. Beautiful results that will fade white over time


Lilac Hair, Purple Shampoo & Toners. – KATE LA VIE

Apply lilac facial toner to your face after washing using a cotton pad or soft cloth. Keep refrigerated if desired, though the alcohol in the witch hazel acts as a preservative.