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Restar LP0005 RF 2.4GHz Wireless USB PowerPoint PPT Presenter Remote Control Laser Flip Pen [LIFETIME WARRANTY]

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There are a number of suppliers working in the field of laser remote welding. Among the companies working in remote laser welding applications and equipment, two responded to our invitation and submitted information on their work. Their reports follow.

We wanted a laser tag remote control that could process of without having to go back to the computer all the time, while being simple to use for new staff and operators.


Targus AMP13EU Laser Presentation Remote - TARGUS | Clas Ohlson

The Trotec Laser Remote app offers optimal possibilities control the leaser head and to monitor the status of your Trotec laser device via Wi-Fi. It functions here as remote control for the laser engraving machine. It doesn't matter whether you have several Trotec flatbed laser plotters or just one. With it you've always got your eye on your laser engraver(s). You receive notifications about whether the laser machine is running or a new laser job has arrived. But also see if a laser job is completed, so you can quickly start the next task. That way, you reduce unnecessary down time and increase your productivity. All you need for this is WIFI, Trotec JobControl X laser software, and a compatible Trotec laser machine.

• Remote monitoring of connected lasers: the app displays whether the laser machine is running or is waiting for new jobs, but you're also informed as soon as a situation arises that requires a check at the laser device (e.g. the cover's open).
• Laser operation: you can pause or stop running jobs with the app, or you can switch the Trotec Atmos laser's vacuum device on and off.
• Laser positioning: you can move the laser's head via the app's operator panel, or use the virtual processing button to move the laser's head via tapping.
• Engraving and cutting duration: you receive information about your laser job's overall processing duration, but also about remaining run time for job already being processed in the laser machine.
• Demo mode: you can still operate the Laser Remote app in demo mode even if you don't own a Trotec laser.

Compatible Trotec laser devices
Speedy 100, Speedy 100R, Speedy 100 fiber, Speedy 300 flexx, Speedy 300, Speedy 300 fiber, Speedy 400 flexx, Speedy 400, Speedy 400 fiber, Speedy 500 and SP1500

Requires Trotec JobControl X (Version 10.1).