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Kirkland Signature Drawstring Kitchen Trash Bags - 13 Gallon - 200 Count


Overall super happy with its function as a trash receptacle. It is well constructed, and I like how it has a self closing function. Super easy to empty and replace liner. Also, you do not have to use the simple human trash bags with it, regular large kitchen trash bags work great as well.

Our kitchen garbage bags category is dedicated to the different sizes typically found in kitchens, from the basic 10-gallon, 1 mil 24" X 24", designed for everyday household use in kitchens and bathrooms to the much larger 30- or 33-gallon bags. We carry them all and, for most, feature multiple thickness options so you can suit bag strength to the task at hand. Large kitchen trash bags are available as thin as 1.5 mil and as thick as 4 mil. These can be used as tall kitchen trash bags for collecting recyclables or as kitchen compost bags.

Tall kitchen garbage bags, as well as all other bags sold here, are made from high quality plastic stock here in the U.S., and are environmentally friendly. While simple bags may not seem like a big deal, these are items we use all the time and it just makes good sense to get the best quality at the best price and also to buy American. They're sized in both gallon capacity and height and width dimensions. You can easily determine the exact dimensions you require for a particular container by using the "choose the right size" display at the left margin.


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