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The Beginnings Concert


For the past 23 years Janny Grein has toured the United States and the world sharing her story with millions of listeners. She uses her candid personality and gift of song to communicate God’s love to people of all races, genders, economic status and denominational backgrounds. Janny is an ordained minister, but more than that she is a willing vessel that God uses to bring a message of hope for the brokenhearted, healing for the sick, joy for the depressed, and increase for the financially strained. She believes music is a universal language that transcends all barriers and captivates the heart of the listener. She also believes that when you fully prepare to be a vessel for God’s anointing, you will move moment by moment in God’s glory and the power of God will be with all that you do. In fact, Janny has written a book, , which contains breakthrough keys on preparation for the calling of God. Since 1993, Janny and her husband Bill have been spreading revival fires to churches throughout America, with some meetings lasting as long as four weeks. Janny and Bill are seeing God change His people into the image of Christ, and they are excited to be a part of God’s awesome movement.

Janny Grein didn't grow up in a Christian home. She didn't attend church every Sunday. She thought the story of Jesus was simply a nice fairy tale someone had invented. Janny didn't know Jesus. But Jesus knew Janny. He had a call on her life. She just hadn't discovered it yet.


Arranged By, Producer – Janny Grein

Janny Grein Jesus Music and spiritual music singer and Songwriter has passed to be with Jesus and God the father. It Seems like the last couple of years so many have been called home. It saddens us who are left behind for missing your presence with us, but we rejoice for the blessing she has received. RIP Janny we will remember you through your music, and your message.