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Ravensburger Things In My House - Children's Game


House tries to get along without a team, but after having a rough time with a case, Cuddy insists he hire new fellows. House resists, but eventually puts together a contest to pick new fellows out of forty applicants. He is surprised to find out that Cameron has returned to PPTH to work in the and that Chase is now on the surgical staff working towards being . Soon, Foreman is back after getting fired from his new job and Cuddy insists that House work with him. House finally settles on Foreman, , and . It is at this time that former fellowship candidate, , begins a relationship with Wilson. House believes this new relationship threatens his friendship with Wilson. At first untrusting of Amber's motives for involvement with Wilson, he tests and questions her and her responses appear to satisfy him as to her genuine interest in Wilson, if not with the eventual outcome of the relationship itself. Despite this 'stalemate' between them, House still antagonizes her and fights with her to spend more time with Wilson. Later in the season, House awakens from a bus crash with a serious head injury and a nagging feeling that someone is going to die. He believes that he must have witnessed a symptom of a fellow bus passenger of some kind that is leading him to have this feeling. He eventually remembers that Amber was on the bus with him and that the memory his brain was trying to retrieve was Amber taking flu pills, (), while on the bus with him. The binds with the proteins in blood, and when her organs are damaged in the bus crash, the is unable to be filtered out causing multi-system organ failure from poisoning. Amber later dies in Wilson's arms when he wakes her up from a coma to say goodbye to her before turning off the life support machines. House's fragmented memories reveal that Amber had gone to lend a ride to a drunken House at a bar on behalf of, but unbeknownst to, Wilson, who was at work at the time. House fatefully chose to ride the bus instead of accept her favor. Amber followed him onto the bus in order to give him his cane, which he had forgotton and left behind. The House-Wilson relationship looked as though it may break up anyway as the grieving Wilson questions the validity of House's friendship.

It was during his visit to a Japanese hospital in his early teens that House met a disheveled-looking man appearing to be a janitor who was (despite his appearance) the greatest medical practitioner in the entire hospital. He later discovered the man was a , an "untouchable" in the Japanese caste system who made no attempt to fit in with the rest of the hospital staff. When one of House's friends is gravely wounded in a rock climbing accident, the doctors turn to the healer for his expertise. House cites this as the primary motivation behind his choice to become a doctor, noting that when all else failed, the doctors heeded the advice despite their intense distaste for him. The treatment of the healer presumably mirrors the manner in which House was treated as a young man: being ignored by his "betters" despite his atypical, prodigious intellect, profound understanding of human nature, and wisdom beyond his years.


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