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Hooked on Phonics®* was broadly marketed on television in the eighties and nineties building a public awareness of phonics and how important it was to "hook" or engage children in education. Hooked on Phonics® provides parents a way to help their kids learn to read using a combination of flash cards, books, and interactive CDs. HOP's television marketing campaign the 80s and 90s made Hooked On Phonics® a household name.

Hooked on Phonics® appealed to parents who know that one of the hardest things about getting your children to learn, is to get them to focus. Having a fun engaging game-like program that the kids enjoy is half the battle.


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I downloaded the full version of this for my 6y/o daughter who is in kindergarten. I am also an elementary teacher. This app is such fun and interactive way for kids to learn to read basic sight words and sound out simple words. After doing one lesson a day for several weeks, I saw such a big improvement in my daughters independent reading ability. She is also so proud of herself. I hope they develop more as we are nearing the end of the units. Thanks Hooked On Phonics!