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AVALON – Erin Brown was appointed as director of the Avalon Free Public Library by the board of trustees at its Thursday, Aug. 11 meeting, according to a statement. Brown will replace Norman Gluckman, who has announced plans to retire on Sept. 9.

Trump said Detroit is the most violent city in America — a statistic he didn't back up, but Detroit does show up at or near the top of lists of major cities in terms of violent crime and murders — and said he could work changes on the city if elected. A recent EPIC-MRA poll reported by the Free Press last week showed Trump behind Clinton in Michigan among black voters by a margin of 85%-2%, with 10% undecided.


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The female nipple has always been sexualized and censored in the media. Whether it be for inappropriate usage or advised for sexual content, is it right to give the same freedom to women as men? Do you think that the female nipple should be held at the same standard at the male nipple in the media? Silly question but I tend to think there is a big difference between the two. Not only functionality purposes but societal meaning as well. We may have been socially conditioned or it may be societal taboo, however, the sexual connotation surrounding the female nipple has been present for a long time and I do not see the start of a campaign and the backing of a few celebrities as a resolution to this issue. There are gender differences that need to be acknowledged and the visual discretion within the media should continue.