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  • Handheld Magnetic Sweepers have no wheels, and are light weight
  • Magnetic Nail Sweepers Provide Handheld Sweepers That Pick-Up Nails And Other Debris Off The Floor

Mighty Vac Pro, The Super Sweeper + Lint Brush. Handheld Vacuum For Crumbs, Pet Hair, Dirt, Dust, Dry Spills and Lint. (2, Blue)

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The great thing about handheld magnetic sweepers is their versatility. You can use them for almost anything, they are stronger than they look, they pick up debris very well because you can get them very close to the ground, you can even drag them across the ground. The even has wear pads on the bottom for exactly this purpose. The ability to get very close to the debris makes them very effective despite their size.

The Powerstik was added to the line in addition to the Tundra to meet the need for a handheld magnetic sweeper with superior access capabilities.


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