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Garnier Light Fairness & Dark Spot Prevention Day Cream 18gm

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PRICE: Rs. 65 for an 18 g jar.


The moisturizer comes in a lovely bright yellow shade glass jar with a white top. The moisturizer has a very mild tangy fragrance to it. The consistency of it is not like that of usual moisturizers meaning its not too runny, its slightly thick, and it looks more like a day cream. So comparing it with Fair and Lovely would not be unfair. Those who are using Fair and Lovely would get the same effects with this Garnier Light Daily Moisturiser.

Garnier Light Daily Moisturiser makes your skin visibly fairer and reduces dark spots. Its formula contains PURE LEMON ESSENCE and VITAMIN C to clarify and smoothen skin.


Moisturiser | Day Creams with SPF | Garnier

A moisturiser that not only lightens your skin but also helps prevent dark spots and skin darkening.

Active ingredients in Garnier Light

Pure lemon essence and Vitamin C to clarify and smoothen skin.
Long dan extract to help slow down skin darkening.
Glycerin to moisturise and comfort the skn.
Your skin looks naturally lighter and more even. It feels smooth and illuminates with a healthy glow.

Is Garnier Light daily moisturiser right for me?
Yes, if you need more than just a fairness cream. A moisturiser that not only lightens your skin, but also helps prevent dark spots and skin darkening.

How is it different?
Garnier Light daily moisturiser has a multi-targeted action to protects a fair and radiant look: it smoothes, lightens the skin, protects from UVA & UVB rays, and helps prevent appearance of dark spots.

How does it work?
Its unique formula blends a moisturising cream with selected active ingredients: