• Flash Speeder (custom colors)
  • 75091 Flash Speeder is a   released in .
  • Deploy the Naboo forces into battle with the agile Flash Speeder!
  • 7124 Flash Speeder is a   set released in . The set contains a green Naboo landspeeder and a  .

LEGO Star Wars Flash Speeder 75091 Building Kit


LEGO Star Wars Flash Speeder 75091 is a straight forward build with swing up doors that adds to the playability of this speeder. The LEGO Flash Speeder is quiet spacious with storage areas behind the seats to store the guns and equipment. There are 3 spring loaded missile launchers in the kit, one in each side pod and the rotating turret on the top which enable you to blast those Battle Droids into pieces. The green colour on the Flash Speeder makes it a great addition to your Star Wars Collection.

Very similar to the Flash Speeder but, this time, the guns are located on the sides and not the back. Basically fulfills the same role but more for when you think you might be chasing people than if people are chasing you. There's a speeder for every kind of chase scene!


Lego Star Wars Flash Speeder 75091 Building Kit

Among the large landspeeders used by Naboo's Royal Security Forces, the Flash Speeder became an important component in the fight against invading Trade Federation forces. This heavily armed surface transport helped Captain Panaka and his volunteer resistance defend their beloved capital city of Theed.