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  • Zip Duplex fibre optic patch cable is constructed with two simplex units joined together with a central web.
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Cable Matters 10Gb 40Gb Multimode OM3 Duplex 50/125 OFNP Fiber Patch Cable LC to LC - 1m

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5. Over 10 years of experience in designing and manufacturing of fibre cable and related fibre optic cable management and fibre optic cable installation devices. As professional fibre optic patch cables supplier , We have close relationship with some world leading companies and university labs. The company has been putting a lot of effort and investment on quality control, R&D of new products as well as employee treatment. We have long time stable skilled workers with most advanced equipment to make stable good quality products. We hope to be your one stop source to buy fibre optic cable .

4. We not only make standard fibre patch cable products, we are also able to make special ones, such as fibre optic patch cables equivalent to fibre optic cable assemblies and 3M fibre optic cable assemblies, equivalent fibre optic transceivers, fibre optic cables , equivalent transition networks media converter , etc. you can get reliable standard fibre optic products from us, and you can gain the advantage over the competitors by getting the latest fibre optic products from us.


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