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The Internet is a great place to learn about the pros and cons of different types of pools. It can also be a great place to get an initial estimate on a pool installation. At Midwest Fiberglass Pool Distributors, Inc., we offer a simple way to receive initial quotes for fiberglass pool prices online.

Obviously, fiberglass pool prices are going to be a good deal higher than those of aboveground pools. However, in-ground fiberglass pools greatly increase the property value of a home, while aboveground pools do not. Consider that the higher fiberglass pool prices also account for the lifetime warranty offered by Viking Pools. Furthermore, once installed, fiberglass pools are significantly easier to maintain than other in-ground pools. While concrete pool surfaces are breeding grounds for algae and other organic matter, fiberglass pools require far less cleaning. Vinyl-lined pools require frequent replacement of the lining. Fiberglass pools do not.


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