• Economical commercial cotton candy machine with a 3 year warranty.
  • Higher output version of the Breeze cotton candy machine produces about 30% more product.

Nostalgia PCM405RETRORED Retro Series Hard & Sugar Free Candy Cotton Candy Maker


Cotton Candy Machine – The Gold Medal Econo Floss Cotton Candy Machine is a well-designed machine with stainless steel cabinet and a spun aluminum bowl. It is fully UL and CE certified for safety. It is all backed by warranty in case you have problems. Gold Medal also provides video tutorials in case you are interested on their website.

Cotton Candy Machine Reviews – Ideally, the cleaning process of the candy maker should be done after every cotton candy making process. The Paragon Spin Magic 5 cotton candy machine is quite to easy to break down and clean. The manual provided with the cotton candy maker gives you a detailed description on how you can engage in the breakdown of the maker with ease. You do not have to be a professional to do it. The cleaning process is also quite easy. This ensures that the fabric of the maker is maintained and thus enables it to be long-lasting.


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So why does this work? Essentially, cotton candy machines melt down sugar, squeezing them out through tiny holes in a spinning centrifuge, where they re-solidify in strands. You can think of these strands as capillaries, which are used by our bodies to distribute nutrients through our bones and organs. Scientists have tried to make such capillaries using a technique called electrospinning, but it's slow, inefficient, and low-resolution: the average capillary is about 10 microns wide, while electrospinning results in capillaries 10 times too big. Bellan's technique shrinks artificial capillaries down to three microns at their finest resolution.