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  • Cooshee Classic Booster - Onyx (Black)
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BabySmart Cooshee Hybak Booster Seat, Onyx, 3 Plus


I bought the Cooshee classic booster seat when my 3 year old was just a little too big for his booster seat made more for toddlers with the strap and everything. He was just not liking the idea of being treated like a baby having to be strapped in and sit in a "baby" seat, but he still was a little too short to reach his plate without sitting up on his knees.

The Cooshee is soft yet durable, super easy to wipe clean yet gives my son just enough lift to get him up to his plate safely so he can eat more easily. My son also enjoys using his Cooshee as a seat to sit in the living room with too. He will sit in it to watch a movie or have a snack at his tray in the living room.

I do not think this booster seat would have worked with my son before 3 however. If you have a very active child that doesn't like to sit through meals a booster seat with a strap would work better for you. I think we will be using the Cooshee for a couple more years since it gives him a little more height and yet he feels like a big boy.

Highly recommend!

The BabySmart Cooshee Classic booster seat is one of the best for portable, easy-to-use boosters.

I have purchased 3 different boosters and my parents have purchased 2 others for their house, and the Cooshee Classic is the softest one.

This is such a versatile seat, but it doesn't have a seat belt, so you need to make sure your child is not one to climb out and get hurt.

It is made of a soft rubberized foam, so it grips onto the seats and doesn't slide around. It is low-backed and also has a ribbed bottom for comfort.

My son likes to use it to sit at the table (when we are there with him) and he also likes to use it on the floor as his own "personal" chair. When we ask him to go get in his chair, half the time he will bring this booster to where we are and sit in it. (The rest of the time he uses his high chair).

My son is 19 months, and has been using this booster since around 12 months. It works well for him. It is lightweight, which I like so it isn't heavy to lug around and it comes in a mesh carrying case that you can use to transport or for storage.

We have the blue one which is a very nice color, but it is also available in other shades as well.


Baby Smart Cooshee Classic Booster Seat Pink with Carry Case