• Creation of Cell Phones
  • I am the one person who refuses to use a cell phone. But I still loved you hub.
  • The History of cell phones is intriguing and the pace of the process rapid... I mean exponential...
  • On the On 3 April 1973 was the first invention of the cell phone and now so many new features.

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The Working Group indicated that, although the human studies were susceptible to bias, the findings could not be dismissed as reflecting bias alone, and that a causal interpretation could not be excluded. The Working Group noted that any interpretation of the evidence should also consider that the observed associations could reflect chance, bias, or confounding rather than an underlying causal effect. In addition, the Working Group stated that the investigation of risk of cancer of the brain associated with cell phone use poses complex methodologic challenges in the conduct of the research and in the analysis and interpretation of findings.

In 2011, the (IARC), a component of the , appointed an expert Working Group to review all available evidence on the use of cell phones. The Working Group classified cell phone use as “possibly carcinogenic to humans,” based on limited evidence from human studies, limited evidence from studies of radiofrequency energy and cancer in rodents, and inconsistent evidence from mechanistic studies ().


Consumer Cellular phone portfolio

You can get individual cell phone plans and family plans. If you need to cover service for other people in your family, or you want to combine service with a spouse or partner, then a family plan can be a good way to save money on service. Family plans usually cost less per user than individual plans.