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Hoover FH50150 Carpet Basics Power Scrub Deluxe Carpet Cleaner


Today, hot water extraction is deemed as the most effective and thorough carpet cleaning process by and large. It actually delivers fantastic results. However, you should forget that there isn’t one fit all solution when it comes to carpet cleaning.

HWE is oftentimes called "steam carpet cleaning" which in fact is misnomer. There is absolutely no steam used with this carpet cleaning method. All hot water extraction machines both portable and truck-mounted use hot water, hence the name of the approach. It’s regarded as the best carpet cleaning method when it comes to treatment of heavily soiled areas. First hot cleaning solution or sometimes only water is sprayed under pressure into the carpet fibres. It dissolves dirt and breaks its bond with the carpet fibres. At the same time, the dirty solution/water is vacuum up. If you’re curious to understand more about the process, watch this .


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The cleaner also comes fitted with a built in measuring cup, so you will know exactly how much cleaning detergent you will need to place into the cleaner. The cleaner also comes with a free Sixteen ounce bottle of Fibre cleansing formula so you can get to the cleaning right away. The carpet cleaner also comes standard with a 1 year limited warranty.