• Early 1900s Candlestick Telephone
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  • I have an extensive range of original candlestick telephones dating from around 1910 to 1930.
  • No 150 Candlestick telephone with brass No1 Microphone.

Crosley CR64-BK Candlestick Phone with Push Button Technology, Black


The mouthpieces also came in various materials, including enamel, porcelain and even clear glass. Gatons met a woman years ago who said she used candlestick telephones in her working career. She would take the mouthpiece home every night to clean it and keep it germ-free.

Gatons, 76, who then worked as an industrial salesman, would stop in antiques stores and flea markets as he covered his territory. He found one candlestick telephone, then another.


Candlestick Telephones - Telephones of the Past Century

The type 1 bell set is usually of mahogany or walnut, and is very rare.The Candlestick Telephone in all its permutations really reigned supreme innorth America. Apart from the UK, other countries in Europe did not really taketo them.