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Should I buy potassium iodide? Where can I get potassium iodide? How should it be used? Do I really need to be worried about all the radiation concerns that are floating around with the events that have taken place in Japan? All these and many more questions have been floating around and many people have gone out to buy potassium iodide to the point where there seems to be almost none for sale anywhere in the country.

This situation as unfortunate as it is, seems to be creating quite a panic in many communities, even though, experts seem to be stating that there is little risk of actually experiencing harmful levels of radiation with North America. Nonetheless, the scramble for buying potassium iodide is on, and who knows for how long. Since that is the case I decided to share some information that I've come across throughout so that people can become better informed on how to protect themselves in the event that radiation actually does affect us in North America.

When that whole event took place & those reactors melted, people in Kentucky & Nebraska among many others that were so far from any kind of danger were making desperate runs to buy Potassium Iodide, that’s what killed our supply.


What does potassium iodide (KI) do

THURSDAY, March 17 (HealthDay News) -- As people across the United States rush to buy potassium iodine pills to protect themselves against any possible radiation exposure from Japan's nuclear plant crisis, experts stress there's no need for the pills since there is little danger that Americans are at any risk.