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  • Dr Mercola’s healthy skin bug spray is for external use only. Keep out of reach of children.

Repel 94101 6-Ounce Sportsmen Max Insect Repellent 40-Percent DEET Pump Spray, Case Pack of 1


Because it is a ready-to-use product, the yield of Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray will vary with user and application. One 2 oz. bottle should treat an average size hotel room or several pieces of luggage. One 16 oz. bottle will cover multiple rooms depending on size. One gallon will treat a normal house at least once.

Shake well before using. Hold container 12-18 inches away from area being treated. Spray evenly and do not saturate surfaces. This product does contain essential oils and while staining is unlikely, it is recommended to test for possible staining on a small inconspicuous area on surfaces to be sprayed. Allow up to two hours for product to dry completely. Though repellent qualities may continue for up to 7 days, Rest Easy is most effective when bugs are contacted directly with spray. Rest Easy Bed Bug Spray is not recommended as the sole protection against bed bugs. Always read the product label completely before use.


How long will the dried herb bug spray keep in the fridge?Â

Dr Mercola’s healthy skin bug spray can be used on children, but make sure that it is applied by an adult and cover their eyes before spraying around the head.