• Manufacturer: Brush Fusegear
  • ECSR-50 BRUSH FUSE 50Amp - NEW old stockPrice is for 1 each. Dual-Element - Time-DelayClass RK5 equivalent with…
  • ECSR-3-1/2 BRUSH FUSE 3-1/2Amp - NEW old stockPrice is for 1 each. Dual-Element - Time-DelayClass RK5 equivalent with…
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Darius 480 Pcs Premium Quality Assorted Insulated Electrical Wire Terminals Crimp Connectors Spade Set

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BRUSH POWER EQUIPMENT 55KV 125 AMP HIGH VOLTAGE FUSE, BRUSH FUSEGEAR LIMITED 72 KV 140 AMP HIGH VOLTAGE FUSE, Brush 400P11C HRCII C 400 Amp Fuse 600V, NEW OLD LOT OF 3 BUSSMANN XL70 FE 450 FUSE 450AMP 700VOLT BRUSH XL70FE450 CV, New Brush LCL 1400 1400 Amp Fuse 600 Volts Class L Time Delay HRCI L NIB, BRUSH FUSEGEAR LIMITED 55VFNHA4R HIGH VOLTAGE HRC FUSE 55 KV 100A, Brush 75 AMP 55KV 3R VFNHA HRC Fuse 3TN857 55VFNHA3R, BRUSH XL709 400 SEMI CONDUCTOR FUSE 400A 700V, Brush 40 AMP 175KV HRC Fuse SFLAJ, Brush 200 AMP 25 KV 200 AMP Bolt Mount HRC Fuse 68919A 2 AFFHH1, Brush 250 AMP 25 KV 250A Bolt Mount HRC Fuse CA 68919A 3, Brush 175 AMP 25 KV 175A Bolt Mount HRC Fuse CA 68919 1 AFFHH1, Brush Fuses Current Limiting Fuse 55VFNHA3R 55KV Rating 3R, BRUSH XL50F1000 TESTED QUANTITY SEMICONDUCTOR FUSE, Brush 1000 Amp 500 volt fuse, LOT OF 6 NIB BRUSH COOPER 75EET FUSES 75AMP 600VOLTS, LCL 3000 BRUSH Class L Time Delay Fuse 3000A 600V, Brush LCL 1200 Fuse Class L Time Delay Current Limiting, BRUSH HAWKER SIDDELEY XL70F125 125A 700VAC TESTED SEMICONDUCTOR FUSE, BRUSH SF60X600 SEMICONDUCTOR FUSE NEW QUANTITY, LESRK125 Brush 125 Amp Fuse Lot of 3, BRUSH ECSR450 NEW, Brush Hawker High Voltage HRC Fuse 155CAVH1E 155kV 80kA 1 amp 155 CAVH 1E, X12 1 USED BRUSH XL60C150 SEMICONDUCTOR FUSE W 1BS102 HOLDERS, Brush fuses ECSR 400 CLass RK5 Time Delay, Brush Semi Conductor Fuse XL50P150 500V 150A 150 Amp Bolt on Used Bulk Lot, BRUSH XL50F300 TESTED QUANTITY SEMICONDUCTOR FUSE, Brush Fuse ERS 600 New, LESRK300 Brush Fuse 300A NIB LPS RK, XL70P400 Brush Fuse 400A NIB, BRUSH XL70P125 125A 700VAC TESTED TYPE XL SEMICONDUCTOR FUSE, Lot of 38 Fusetron Cooper Brush dual element and low peak fuses FREE SHIPPING, Brush Fuses Renewable Fuse ERS600 600 Amp 600 Volt, NEW 20 Brush Reliance Rectifier Fuse RFA300SP RF A 300 SP 130v FREE SHIPPING, BRUSH 25LET Semiconductor Fuses 25 amp 240 volt 11 in Box New In Box free ship, NEW BRUSH SF60X250 SEMI CONDUCTOR FUSE TYPE SF, Used Brush Semi Conductor Fuse XL70F250 700V 250A, BRUSH XL50P200 200A 500VAC TESTED QUANTITY TYPE XL SEMICONDUCTOR FUSE, Brush 150MT 150A 700V Fuse, BRUSH XL50F600 600A 500VAC TESTED SEMICONDUCTOR FUSE QUANTITY, BRUSH XL60C350 TESTED SEMICONDUCTOR FUSE, BRUSH SF60X250 TESTED FUSE,

CT Series Brush fuses with bolted connections are for use in industrial and commercial installations and may be fitted in fuse units or fuse gear, 2 hole fitting. The fuse links comply with revised Standard BS88 and IEC Standards.



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