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  • The Brita "On Tap" Replacement Filter fits Brita "On Tap" System, model FF-100.
  • *Brita® Bottle Water Filters: Reduce chlorine (taste and odour), and particulates.
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Brita 10 Cup Everyday BPA Free Water Pitcher with 1 Filter, White


More impressively, the Brita Slim Pitcher makes my water taste great. The Ion Exchange Resin Filter acts as a magnet for the various impurities that might be in my water (including lead, copper and mercury) and reduces the taste and smell of chlorine. The end result is that I drink more water and feel healthier. I’m not one of those people who just love drinking water; it’s a daily chore for me. But the Brita Slim Pitcher makes the task infinitely more doable (that is, at least now I don’t hate the taste).

I bought the Brita Slim Pitcher because it seemed like an easy way to improve my health and support the environment. It’s small (mine fits neatly on the door of my fridge) but holds 40 ounces of water (almost a full day’s hydration). The sizable capacity is especially useful if you have roommates or children who seem incapable of refilling the pitcher (which I do).


Danielle O’Brien and FAP founder Brita Darany.

Can you make premium grade vodka from a cheap bottle of no-name spirit? Is it worth the effort and expense of buying the filter jug and cartridges? Is the process safe? I decided to find out whether a Brita jug has any place in the home distillers toolkit, or if it should remain the preserve of cheapskate student types and those who have too much time on their hands.