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Gorgeous Bohemian Glass Nail Files with Swarovski Crystals

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bohemian glass nail files: декабря 2009


  • Bohemian glass nail files are a beautiful gift for a woman, and also a practical manicure tool presented in nice black velvet sleeve
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Our factory is situated 65 km away from Prague, the capital of Czech Republic and produces crystal glass nail files. Production can satisfy any requires, and as producer we guarantee the quality of our bohemian crystal glass nail files.

Design department – the heart of innovations, this department creates new designs and first samples. We make and invent new designs of bohemian crystal glass nail files, beauty, gifts and electronics and other items decorated with crystals from famous SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS.

Logistics and Stock all fours of our team, who will accurately pack crystal glass nail files, and tweezers and crystal glasses, so the packages arrive in one piece.


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