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LUCID Encasement Mattress Protector - Guards Against Bed Bugs - 100% Waterproof -15 Year Warranty - Queen/White

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The quilted cotton acts as an extra absorbent surface, while the Protect-A-Bed Quiltguard mattress protector also features a fantastic waterproof barrier. These factors are especially helpful in cases of bed wetting and spillages. Although a complete barrier, the mattress protector is expertly designed to make it breathable and comfortable to sleep on. The ultra thin, lightweight style ensures the mattress protector doesn’t mask the comfort of your mattress and makes the protector a discreet addition to your bed linen.

Every night the human body expels a large amount of fluids through pores and the mouth, not to mention millions of dead skin particles. The collection of these natural processes increases the growth of bacteria and dust mites, a major cause of allergies, asthma and eczema. With the Protect-A-Bed Quiltguard Cotton mattress protector, an incredible membrane in the protector serves as a barrier to mites, ensuring you have a healthy nights sleep.


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