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The Beauty Prescription: The Complete Formula for Looking and Feeling Beautiful


Supple skin, beautiful eyes with long lustrous hairs has been a perfect picture of an Indian woman since centuries. The beauty regimens of Indian women are amongst the most-talked and awe-inspiring in the whole world. The secret behind the Indian beauty regimen is the use of home remedies and natural products.

Indian women are no doubt the most beautiful women in the world. The elegance and charm that Indian women possess can not be found easily. Even non-Indian women desire to look as beautiful and as elegant as Indian women. The culture and traditional followed by Indian women is one of the major reasons behind their charismatic beauty. The Indian beauty regimens are considered as the best beauty regimens of the world.


How to Have a Morning Beauty Routine: 11 Steps

One of the most reoccurring question I receive from brides is "What should my pre-wedding beauty regimen look like" I thought I'd make this video and share my personal advice on how to make your skin look younger and youthful before an important event.