• Compact 2-person Beach Shade
  • Take a break from the sun with the RekaKoku 3-Person Beach Shade, equipped with an innovative ESF™ frame that has a unique open an
  • Prop up your boutique, custom printed beach shade, stay cool and relax with your loved ones in style.
  • Prop up your boutique, custom printed beach shades, stay cool and relax with your loved ones in style.

Pacific Breeze EasyUp Beach Tent

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It’s all kinds of strange to be admiring beach shades when cuddled up next to a heater in the chill of winter but Babyologists, there’s something to be said for being prepared when summer rolls around. You too can be ready to enjoy yourselves in your shade at the local pool or beach rather than looking longingly at more organised families with their fancy sun protection measures.

Having a beach shade is important when you are planning for a beach outing. The beach is the best place to and . Sitting under the sun, facing the ocean, breathing fresh air and enjoying the clean water are just some things you can do at the beach. But as well as your health. For this reason, a beach shade is a must when going to the beach.


Sombrilla Beach Shade - French Stripe Red - BeachKit

This beach shade is so easy to set up and provides cool shade! Two things I would mention before setting up. First you might want to pick up two stakes for the ropes that are attached to the sides to provide extra stability. Also make sure you have it turned in the best direction for shade before you stake it down. On the beach it's a little hard to move because you're dealing with the wind. Overall, we love it!!