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Battery Tender 021-0123 Battery Tender Junior 12V Battery Charger

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The Battery Tender Plus (12v) has been one of my best investments. Sometimes a cold winter will sap your battery. Not with the BTP! My battery stays charged and I use it when I'm ready. This kit came with a quick disconnect that I permanently installed and runs to my gixxer's trunk. All I have to do is pop the trunk, unplug the safety cap, and connect!!! This is a must have for anybody with sportbikes, jet ski's, and/or project cars.

I bought this because I had heard great things about Battery Tenders, and saw it here at a great price. It was immediately put to the test when I bought a new battery that was not fully charged. The device recharged it enough within a few hours for it to crank an engine, and continued to charge the battery even while it was installed in my motorcycle. I am definitely impressed, and don't think there is a better product for this purpose. Also, it is the only charger that is deemed suitable by Shorai for their lithium-ion motorcycle batteries.


Battery Tender® Junior 6V, 1.25A High Efficiency 022-0196 $39.95

All Battery Tender battery chargers are designed to fully charge and maintain a wide range of styles of lead acid batteries in ways that avoid the potential damaging effects that can be caused by most trickle chargers. All Battery Tender battery chargers have the five following characteristics: