• Samsung ST66 and ST76 basic cameras
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  • In Module 6, we introduced the basic camera moves
  • Samsung ST66 and ST76 basic cameras

Muddy Basic Camera Arm, Black

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Another choice you’ll have to make is between models with cameras and ones without, though the former group is much bigger. Even cheaper drones now have a basic cameras on board. Obviously if you want to use your drone for some eye-catching photography, you’ll need a camera or at least a mount.

Following on from last month’s article “Photography the Basics” I thought I would spend a bit of time and explain a few things with basic camera set up for miniature photographers. Having all the gear but no idea of how to use it because you can’t find what you are looking for in the cameras manual is a bit like fumbling around in the dark and you will soon become despondent with it and give up.


Basic Digital Camera Operation : Digital Camera Flash & Timer