• A ball pit in your house!
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  • Deluxe Peek 'n Play Ball Pit....Ava loves it!
  • Homemade ball pit under $100 without the balls, and under 2 hours to make

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The ball pit is also necessary, the ballpit is more or less how the community started. Everyone was in the ballpit of higher education, looking for someone to play with. Someone would invite someone to join in the fun of the ballpit and playful discussion would occur. The ball pit makes you the cause of discussion and also the curator of it. You started the ball pit, now you have to invite others to play or leave the door open for them to do so. Like the podium however, no playmates are guaranteed or included. Whether you invite people once, or numerous times – some people won’t have time to play in the ball pit at the time you are in it. The ballpit is there to provide you with a safe space to process ideas, meet new people, and have a spirited discussion. The ball pit is basically akin to this:

Now whether you use #SAchat as a ball pit or a podium is up to you. I dabble in both. What is important to remember is that the #SAchat is like any other community. There will be small groups of friends that form. There will be those who keep to themselves but lurk and learn. There will be members who broadcast information. There will be members who seek information. There will be members who ignite discussion. There will be members who feel left out. There will be those who are put on pedestals. There will be those who really just want to feel like they belong.


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Babies loves the colors of the balls and they like to touch and feel and many times throw the balls. Keep them entertained with these adorable ball pits for babies.