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Elegance Silver Pewter Finish Storybook Money Bank

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Baby silver money bank football, Christening gifts

When you put together one of the most popular sports in the world and christening gifts, you come up with this amazing baby silver money bank football. As you will see from the picture, not only is it very useful and very visually eye-catching it is also one of the best christening gift you will ever see. While generally associated with baby boys, there are more and more girls playing football these days. It is therefore something of a unisex christening gift!

This football shaped money bank is perfect to celebrate the birth of a newborn baby and it's something which can be used to store the many pieces of silver they will receive in their early days. It is also something they can use themselves in years to come and indeed these children's money boxes are very durable and very long-lasting. This is certain to be a hit with any young boy or young girls especially those who grow up to be football fanatics!

If you have been looking for a christening gift for some time then perhaps we have found the answer for you in the shape of this silver plated football money box. If this is not one of the best christening gifts you have ever seen then we would like to see the other contenders!

Baby silver money bank ABC cube, Christening gift

One of the first things which many people do when a new child is born is give them silver for good luck so what better way to store their money than this baby silver money bank ABC cube. As you will see from the picture, this has to be one of the most beautifully crafted, individual and eye-catching christening gifts available today. It is built in the shape of a child's building block with ABC characters which feature a cat, apple, bear, duck, elephant and a dog.

The item itself is silver plated which gives a very striking visual effect and will certainly catchy the eye of not only the new parents but the child itself. It is the ability to bring together a traditional ABC style box in the style of a building block which makes this particular christening gift so attractive. What better way to start your life, putting money away for your future!

We will be bringing you the latest and greatest christening gifts on the market today which take in a variety of different styles, different images and different uses. Finding that elusive christening gift will be a whole lot easier after you have checked around our website!


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