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Crayola Wooden Table And Chair Set


This is an awesome giveaway Janice. My favourite art and craft supply is pipecleaners. I can’t believe how many we go through in this house. They seem humble but my kids can make the most extraordinary things from them. They also work well in combinations with boxes – making hinges for castle doors and flags for fairy houses.

This photo is just a snippet of some of the art and craft supplies we have stored on our book shelf. On the very bottom shelf we store some kid’s games and toys such at the Wooden Hammer and Tac Set, puzzles, sight word cards, base ten blocks and dominoes.


homemade arts and craft supplies and recipes | Make Create Do

Who knew that a trip to could be more successful than hitting up your local art supply store?! I had no idea! The of arts and craft supplies is impressive — they have thought of everything: the easel, the paper roll, the paints and brushes, chalk, felt pens, scissors, etc.