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Like the analogue baby monitor, also transmit signal pulses over a radio frequency. However, the signal is encrypted when transmitted and unencrypted upon arriving at the receiver, and this minimises the amount of interference.

A different baby monitor may be needed, depending on where the family lives. For instance, if the family lives in an apartment where neighbours are within very close proximity and the chance of other baby monitors in the complex is high, investing in a good digital baby monitor is recommended to prevent interference. Digital baby monitors are ideal for families who live in large houses where good range is important. However, if the family lives in a modest-sized home where neighbours are not within a close distance, analogue baby monitors are a good option.


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The majority of baby monitors available are digital. However, there are some good quality analogue baby monitors available too. A range of aspects will influence your decision when considering what type of baby monitor to buy. They will most likely include: