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Cure All Multi-Color Ribbon Pin (Multi-Color)

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I absolutely fell in love with the burst print ribbon! It has been my go-to print from the moment I got my first shipment. I find all of Ribbon HQ's products beautifully printed and excellent quality! The glitter ribbons are not too stiff, and I can easily make a twisted boutique bow with ease. To top it all off, the owners of Ribbon HQ are very professional and answer questions promptly. They also ship in a very timely manner! You won't be disappointed with any of your purchases.

Auszug aus dem Forum:

"Heute bin ich das erste Mal auf diesen Magnat-Fred gestoßen. Schön, dass es das gibt Früher - als Schüler - waren für mich Magnat-Boxen, besonders die All Ribbon-Serie, etwas Besonderes, Edles, fast Unerschwingliches und Erstrebenswertes (heute..."


MAGNAT ALL RIBBON 12 with Yamaha MX-1 Volume -2