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Freedom Alert Logic Mark 35915 Extra Pendant

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Up To 4 Pendants or Buttons – System can accommodate a total of 4 pendants & Emergency Wall Communicators. No extra monitoring fees to monitor your spouse or others in the home. Just add an extra medical alert pendant or wall button

In addition to offering state-of-the-art residential and commercial security systems, J&J provides Life Safety systems, protecting you and your loved ones from the dangers of fire, smoke, and carbon monoxide as well as wireless Emergency and Medical Alert pendants that can be integrated into any of our advanced security and Life Safety systems.


Uniden Emergency Alert Pendant - Testing Calls

Other customers place a spare medical Pendant on the nightstand. This is done because feedback has shown that, at times, during a change of clothes, some users may tend to forget to put their medical alert Pendant back around their neck. Having the Pendant available on the nightstand will ensure that you still have access to the medical alert system, even in this situation.