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Classic Accessories Veranda Air Conditioner Cover, Square


RV Air Conditioner Cover White Large. Protect your RV A/C unit from weather and debris with this great, easy-to-install cover. Sleek and stylish, it is waterproof with a soft backing so your A/C will not be harmed. Featuring two heavy-duty straps, a draw cord for security, and a heavy, thick construction, you can depend on this cover in all weather.

Our air conditioner covers are designed for harsh winter weather. Fully protects the entire outdoor unit from snow, ice and other harsh winter elements, while allowing the outdoor unit to breathe properly which is critical. 5 year year warranties on material integrity and craftsmanship. The materials we use are absolutely the highest quality, durable, long lasting professional grade air conditioner covers on the market today. We do not offer vinyl, or imported pre-packaged, light-weight poor quality pre-sized covers that do not last long.


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I ordered the size 34" square air conditioner covers even though my two air conditioner units measured 34" x 36" . I thought I would have to add width to them so ordered 3 covers. I was very happy that they fit perfectly on my units without altering them, so now I have an extra on hand. There was enough allowance for the extra 2". Very happy with the look, color and quality of these covers. And a great bargain as well! Thank you Brookstone.