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Against All Grain: Delectable Paleo Recipes to Eat Well & Feel Great


All three books look fantastic and I would be excited to read all of them. The book Against All Grain has my attention because I think it would be so, so helpful for my daughter. I’m not going to wait for the giveaway for this book. I’m going to purchase a copy for my daughter right away. Thank you for sharing!

I would love all 3 of these books! My faves are the Beyond Bacon and Against All Grain but feel like I maybe need the Fermented one the most since I’m more unfamiliar with that world than the paleo world. Thanks for this awesome giveaway!


Stovetop to Oven Skillet Cobbler - Against All Grain

I would love the Against All Grain book. I am just learning about the Paleo diet and this book looks so interesting. Thanks for the video sneak peek as well!