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HOODDEAL 5Ft 1.5m HDMI To 3-RCA Video Audio AV Component Converter Adapter Cable For HDTV DVD

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Comprehensive Pro AV/IT 25' Plenum 3 RCA Plugs Each End Component Video Cable has been trusted by Pro AV and I.T. systems integrators because of its legendary reliability, performance and value. That's why it has been the "go to" cable worldwide for boardrooms, classrooms, data centers, schools, government installations, stadiums, broadcast studios, stages and other mission critical applications. Pro AV/IT Series Cable is also perfect for anyone looking for premium quality connectivity.

This Plenum 3RCA component cable features professional grade construction which ensures extremely low attenuation and maximum signal transfer. 24k gold precision connectors provide maximum conductivity while triple shielding provides maximum rejection of all EM and RF interference.

This cable is completely useless! I ordered 3 of them and my intentions were simple... I wanted to plug my PC up to my TV. It looks really straightforward, the item title is "VGA to 3 RCA Component Video Cable". That means VGA/RGB computer cable to a component input which consists of a red, green, and blue cable.

Well from what I can find elsewhere on the web these kind of cables will never do what you actually want. They're not going to carry to correct horizontal sync signal that is needed. In my case I could not get ANY TYPE on picture to show on the TV.


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