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In August 2008, Su-25s were used by both Georgia and during the . Su-25s of the participated in providing air support for troops during and launched bombing raids on targets in South Ossetia. Russian military Su-25s struck Georgian forces in South Ossetia, and undertook air raids on targets in Georgia. The Russian military officially confirmed the loss of three Su-25 aircraft to the Georgian air defense, though the suggests four. Russia estimates that it destroyed three Georgian Su-25s in the war, none confirmed by Georgia. The three Russian aircraft were reportedly downed by Georgian air defence units. Georgian Su-25s were able to operate at night. In early August 2008, Russian Su-25s attacked the plant, where the Su-25 is produced, dropping bombs on the factory's airfield.

Su-25 attack aircraft were used by the to strike Eritrean targets. On 15 May 2000, An Ethiopian Su-25 was shot down by an , killing the pilot.


Fx Wildcat .25 Air rifle Trickshot

Worth a stop and a step back into a 20th century Air Force Base. Webb has a long history as a pilot training base and it is well documented and presented in the Hangar 25 Air Museum.