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  • Find great deals on eBay for 22 inch tyres 22 tyres. Shop with confidence.
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ADCO 3965 Designer Series Tan 18"-22" Tyre Gard Wheel Cover

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Whether the motivation is to improve the appearance of a car or to replace tyres that are worn out, at some point every car owner needs a new set of tyres. When shopping for tyres, car owners need to consider not only the type of driving and climate, but the performance capabilities of the vehicle. Replacing OEM tyres with ones that are sized and rated similarly is generally a straightforward process. Switching to larger diameter, 22 inch tyres requires a bit more work. Owners should arm themselves with some background knowledge on tyre sizes and specifications in order to find tyres that fit properly and provide a safe ride.

Couldn't agree more. Putting larger wheels on your car (unless it is a genuine sports car) simply advertises the fact you care more about how you look to other people than your own comfort and driving enjoyment. Interestingly the article says 'All the wheel sizes on the F-Pace (18in, 19in, 20in and 22in) had tyres of the same diameter and rolling radius', so the 18 inch wheels must have seriously deep sidewalls. Wonder how much new 22 inch tyres cost, though nice to see some consideration for protecting the alloys from kerb damage.


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