• Winchester, .22 Caliber Blank Cartridges, Blackpowder
  • The CCI .22 Caliber Blank Cartridges are used to train all types of hunting dogs to get them used to the gun
  • The Winchester .22 Caliber Blank Cartridges are used to train gun dogs to the sound of the gun. These are loud blanks and used in training and field competitions.
  • . 22 Crimp Blanks -Lion Country Supply

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bored again, I made this "gun" that fires large projectiles like marbles and AA batteries from a barrel made from an aluminum deck baluster

the gun is powered by a .22 caliber blank cartridge used for a ramset nail gun that drives nails into concrete

the bb gun is an old Daisy red ryder bb gun that I havent used in years ever since i got into airsoft, i use it simply because it is convenient to be able to hold this like a gun and shooting a bb from the gun is a perfect way to strike the primer on these cartridges.

I have shot this quite a few times with no issues until the pressure finally broke the internals of the bb gun. nothing exploded, no one was hurt etc etc

people who act like a .22 blank will blow up in my face when it is on the end of a barrel 3 feet away from me, encased in 2 thick layers of aluminum with the path of least resistance pointing in the opposite direction are idiots.

50 rounds Winchester .22 Caliber blank cartridges. 22 Blank Extra Loud, vintage box and contents in excellent condition. Buyer must be over 21 and not restricted from purchasing or owning ammunition. Buyer pays shipping of $7.50 to continental United States. Payment by money order, check or PayPal.


There is also a .22 short blank for use in starting pistols