• This is the "C" version of the RT-1523.
  • | RT-1730C | | | Modified RT-1523C for Naval applications.
  • | RT-1730E | | | Modified RT-1523E for Naval applications
  • U.S. District Judge Carlton Reeves struck down House Bill 1523 late Thursday night

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The Court has sought to understand what kind and amount of evidence would show a forbidden religious
preference. In this case, it finds the plain language of HB 1523 and basic knowledge of local religious beliefs to be
sufficient. Today’s outcome is informed by but does not turn on the expert testimony heard in CSE IV.
It also weakens the State’s objection to the Court’s use of newspaper articles.

On June 3, 2016, Rev. Dr. Barber, Rev. Burnett, Bailey, Day, Boyette, Rev. Fortenberry,
Dr. Glisson, Johnson, Triplett, Taylor, Mangum-Dear, Mangum, and JGMCC filed the first suit
encompassed by this Order. See Docket No. 1, in Barber. They asserted Establishment and Equal
Protection claims against Governor Bryant, General Hood, Executive Director Davis, and
Registrar Moulder. Id. They requested a declaratory judgment that HB 1523 is unconstitutional
on its face, as well as preliminary and permanent injunctive relief enjoining its enforcement.


Security Officer: SCP-1523, answer her questions.

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